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From Interstate 40
I40 changes into College Road
Straight on College Road you will find many of the local hotels that are close to where the gyms are.

If you are staying at a hotel on Market Street ( Which is US Hwy 17 that takes you to Topsail High School) you will take right exit "Market Street" and stay in the left hand lane.  After turning left you will find many more of the local hotels and restaurants. 

From US Hwy 17 South (Market Street)
Stay straight for Hotels on Market Street.  If you are staying at a hotel on College Road then turn left at the light under the over pass and that will put you on College Road.

From US Hwy 17 North & Hwy 74/76 E
When you cross over the bridge into Wilmington:

If you are going to Market Street hotels then take a left at the first light off the bridge onto 3rd street, go 3 lights and make a right onto Market Street heading north.  You will travel about 3 miles before you see the hotels on both sides of Market Street.

If you are going to College Street hotels then stay straight for about 3 or 4  miles and make a left onto College Road following the big green overhead signs directing you toward I40.  You will find your hotels about 1 mile on both sides of the street, including several behind Jeff Gordon Chevrolet car dealership.
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